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You've got the ring on your finger. Now you just need to get ready to walk down the aisle. To keep your skin happy and relaxed. Here's what you need on your bridal checklist to look stunning on your Big Day.

Perfect Complexion

To put your best face forward, you'll need a dream team of products to augment your regular skincare regimen. Here are the best options.

Last-minute Tip: If the worst happens and you get a zit a few days before go time, don't pop it. Instead, layer on the concealer and dust with powder. Want to take preventative measures in advance? Check out our How to Prevent Acne guide.

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Glowing Skin

You're probably already glowing with happiness, so the secret is simple: just keep that glow going! We recommend doing this with a combination of spa products, exfoliators, and treatments.

Remember: If your wedding gown shows it, you've got to pamper it. So pay special attention to your neck, décolleté, arms, and heels.

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Facial Serums

Regardless of which hairdo you spring for, you'll want hair looking shiny and frizz-free for the stylist.

Colouring Tip: Make sure you get it done a week before. Then, invest in a colour-saving shampoo and treatment to extend the vibrancy. Here are our favourites.

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Face Exfoliating & Peeling

Face Mask

Payot Les Design Lift Kaldırıcı Maske  50ml/1.6oz
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165,00 TL

Face Moisturizer & Treatment

Clarins Yüz Bakım Yağı - Mavi Orkide  30ml/1oz
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181,00 TL
Darphin Hydraskin Hafif  50ml/1.7oz
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172,00 TL
Dermalogica Yoğun Nem Dengeleyici  100ml/3.3oz
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Shiseido Whitess Intensive Yoğun Cilt Aydınlatıcı  38ml/1.4oz
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Sisley Ekolojik Karışım ( Pompalı )  125ml/4.2oz
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Body & Bath

Guinot Exfoliating Body Scrub  200ml/5.88oz
ÖPSF 144,50 TL %+percent+ Kazanın
137,50 TL

Body Slimming

Body Heel & Elbow

Hair Shampoo

Hair Mask & Treatment

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Bridal Beauty Checklist